Monday, April 25, 2016

Cincin Aqeeq Yaman (Jenis Jazak) - Mahar Special!

Jenis - Aqeeq Yaman
Kategori - Jaza'
Saiz - 24
Ikatan - Perak + Platinum + Aloy

SATU UNIT sahaja.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sanding Process-Second Step in Making Sebha

Sanding Process.

Indeed, it need a patience and tranquility to finish this.
Its quite a time since we have done it all manually and now, we have drills and some other machines.
As you can see, when the shape has been made, we need sanding to make it shiny and smooth.

Actually this is the hardest part you have to go through. Patience, meticulosity, is part of our motto. Starting with 80, 150 and 1500.
A 3second Glue is always with us.
Sanding and lathing, both process need almost same duration.
The common why almost our customers keep in touch with us is because we greatly concern about this sanding process. 

Without sanding, no matter how big and tiny your sebha, ones will definately regret to have your craftmanship.

#sebha #sanding

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Peminat Tasbih Teras

Monday, April 11, 2016

Teras Dalam Teras - Celagi, Galih Asam, Asam Jawa

Hati Teras Celagi. Oleh sebab ramai yang minta. 

Saya kerat sikit untuk buat permata. Nantikan.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pre-Order Permata Hati Teras Celagi DiBuka Sekarang!

Assalamualaikum sahabat.

Setelah lama berfikir, kami memutuskan untuk berkongsi dengan sahabat yang minat dengan teras celagi.

Kali ni bukan Teras tetapi Teras Dalam Teras. Iaitu Hati Teras. insyAllah hanya dibuka kepada 10 orang sahaja.
Dalam bentuk permata.

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Tasbih Koka. Inilah Bentuk Sebenar Buah Koka atau Chiqi-Chiqi

Nice Sharing from Facebook of Seni Warisan Kelantan 

The Famous Nut Piassava, ' Chiqi Chiqi ' Among Latinos, or known as ' Kuka ', 'Imperial and royal', Or another name in the world of Rosary Muslim, is a result of a palm tree from the rivers of black water of the Amazon in Brazil and Venezuela. It produces a vegetable Ivory Beige / Light Brown and sometimes red. The interior of the nuts is very hard and Beige, are diameter is about 5 cm and she's an oval.
It is used in several ways around the world, but are the most common use is the rosary Islamic. A Rosary in kuka is also resistant that Ivory and will last a lifetime.
The Price of kuka was very high, there's a few years, but its popularity in fact declined greatly tariffs.

Credit to : Ney Tasbîh

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bonsai Kemuning Hitam

Bonsai Teras Kemuning Hitam
Tapak :- Raja Kayu

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