Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sanding Process-Second Step in Making Sebha

Sanding Process.

Indeed, it need a patience and tranquility to finish this.
Its quite a time since we have done it all manually and now, we have drills and some other machines.
As you can see, when the shape has been made, we need sanding to make it shiny and smooth.

Actually this is the hardest part you have to go through. Patience, meticulosity, is part of our motto. Starting with 80, 150 and 1500.
A 3second Glue is always with us.
Sanding and lathing, both process need almost same duration.
The common why almost our customers keep in touch with us is because we greatly concern about this sanding process. 

Without sanding, no matter how big and tiny your sebha, ones will definately regret to have your craftmanship.

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