Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tasbih Koka. Inilah Bentuk Sebenar Buah Koka atau Chiqi-Chiqi

Nice Sharing from Facebook of Seni Warisan Kelantan 

The Famous Nut Piassava, ' Chiqi Chiqi ' Among Latinos, or known as ' Kuka ', 'Imperial and royal', Or another name in the world of Rosary Muslim, is a result of a palm tree from the rivers of black water of the Amazon in Brazil and Venezuela. It produces a vegetable Ivory Beige / Light Brown and sometimes red. The interior of the nuts is very hard and Beige, are diameter is about 5 cm and she's an oval.
It is used in several ways around the world, but are the most common use is the rosary Islamic. A Rosary in kuka is also resistant that Ivory and will last a lifetime.
The Price of kuka was very high, there's a few years, but its popularity in fact declined greatly tariffs.

Credit to : Ney Tasbîh

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